Jodi Jackson, Jordin Sparks, & Nichet Smith. Jordin Sparks Experience #10 Houston 2017

Hi!  Who are The M.A.D. Girls?  We are! Tiny but mighty! We are two best friends and business partners who decided to put our skill sets together and make a difference in the world!

But, anyone can be a “M.A.D. Girl! (or guy.)”  It only requires you to step outside your box and do something small that will make a BIG difference in your homes, relationships, communities, and world! It’s that simple!  Tell us about it on social media with #IMAY and tag us! @themadgirlsinc.

If you’d like to find out more info on how you can support us in leaving a positive footprint wherever we go, whether it’s during the Super Bowl or throughout the year, hit us up here! We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for checking us out!

❤ xoxo,

Jodi & Nichet

2 thoughts on “WELCOME!

    • Anthony, you don’t have to start a group, but you can! Whenever you do something and volunteer in your community, use the hashtag #jointhemac #imay. And yes you can tag @themadgirlsinc too! Thanks!


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