Orange For Wendy

Wendy is beautiful
Beautiful Wendy Clark.

May is the month that we promote awareness about Melanoma by posting about taking care of your skin, wearing sunscreen, and getting skin checks! It’s also when we honor our dear Wendy who passed away in May of 2008 by wearing her favorite color…orange.

If you’d like to help spread awareness and take the #orangeforwendy challenge, post something about Melanoma or post something orange EVERY DAY in the month of MAY!  We will RT and help create the buzzzzz!  Use the following hashtags:

#orangeforwendy #IMAY #melanoma

Click below to see #orangeforwendy posts from those making a difference by spreading the word about Melanoma!

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#orangeforwendy orange for wendy jordin heart hands
Jordin Sparks at the end of One Step At a Time video shoot.

Side Note:  While Jordin, Jodi, and PJ were shooting “One Step At a Time” in LA, they got the call to come home.  Wendy was declining quickly. They drove as fast as they could to get to her in AZ. When they got there, they ordered pizza, helped with a treatment and played with her hair.  They knew she didn’t have long and knew she would get a kick out of this video and showed it to her. (watch until the very end:) She saw it before anyone…she was the 1st. It was the last smiles they shared together.  She died that night….

Jordin Sparks & Wendy Clark. The day Jordin dyed her hair orange during Wendy's last spa day...
Jordin Sparks & Wendy Clark. The day Jordin dyed her hair orange during Wendy’s last spa day…

We all love and miss Wendy and know that she is smiling down on us from Heaven.  We will keep  her memory alive and honor her wishes.  She was a beautiful soul and because of her we are all better people.  She’s got to be cracking up at all the #orangeforwendy posts!  Keep ’em coming!

❤ R.I.P. Wen


The M.A.D. Girls