Hungry Tummies

Hungry Tummies

Uganda has the youngest population in the world. There are an estimated 3 million orphans in Uganda due to radical genocide. Because so many areas in Uganda are so remote, there is no accessibility to food, clean water, health services and quality education.

The Hungry Tummies Project is constructed and organized for the sole support of children and orphans in rural villages in Uganda for who there is no care. It is the ardent commitment of The M.A.D. Girls to insure these necessities are provided now and for years to come.

Roughly 137 of every 1,000 children die before their 5th birthday, statistics show. While most of these deaths are attributed to preventable infectious diseases, malnutrition is reportedly the underlying cause of deaths among children in the region and affordable healthcare is one of the great challenges facing the country. According to the United Nations, drought limits the food supply and rising costs of foods such as maize.

Most of the diseases affecting the children are treatable, but the impoverished conditions in which these children live make it impossible to afford.

By making sure the children are well fed, along with standard preventative medical checkups they will be able to thrive in school, grow into healthy bodies and be productive young adults. Our goal is to empower these children to see the future as a place of promise and change their lives for the better.



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