Pringle Children’s Home


The Pringle Home for Children has been caring for boys and girls for over 70 years. It is located in Carron Hall, St. Mary, Jamaica. Children come to Pringle Home from situations of neglect and abuse, most having no family reference. The Pringle Home provides assistance for these abandoned, orphaned, and street children.  Some of the services offered are education, recreation, employment training, and worship services.

A key impediment to the care and development of the children is the dilapidated condition of the home.  While some basic patch work has begun to renovate the housing and other facilities, the physical infrastructure of the place desperately needs significant rehabilitation to meet just the basic housing needs of the children.  Essentially, the scope of work ranges from upgrading the plumbing (bathroom facilities), electrical circuitry, and roof repairs to expanding the capacity of the home to reasonably accommodate the already overpopulated home. The home is nestled in a remote mountainous section of Carron Hill which is not accessible to public transportation or within reasonable proximity to any of the typical support services, grocery or other facilitation.

The Home also desperately needs a bus to transport the children to and from essential activities.  This form of organized transportation also serves the purpose of providing safe passage to children who must often walk alone for miles to the closest school.

The current bus owned by the Home remains in a state of disrepair for several years due to the lack of funding to repair or replace it.  In the meanwhile, the vehicle experienced significant decay and is now impractical to consider repairing it.  The home lists the need for transportation among its top immediate priorities.

As part of its education and training effort, Pringle Home, with the support of several stakeholders, broke ground for a computer lab to facilitate computer literacy, and the acquisition of functional job training skills for the residents.   To date, the process has been stalled due to the slowdown of funding, and the demanding needs for basic sustenance draining an already meager budget.

It is with that premise in mind that the Home Mothers and children alike organized an effort to raise chicken on the premises, to supplement the Home’s food supply.  Additionally, the residents implemented a farm project to grow essential vegetables, bananas, yams, and other ground provisions as part of a broader self-help strategy.    Here again, while the effort is worthwhile, the scale is much smaller than the magnitude of the need.    As such, funds are needed to purchase more seedlings, chicks, farm tools, etc. This gives the resident a key opportunity to play a significant role in their daily sustenance.


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